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How To Fix Your Money Mindset

When it comes to our personal and business finances, many of us feel overwhelmed. We may feel like we're constantly playing catch-up and that we can never seem to get ahead. This is often because our mindset around money is negative. In this blog post, we will discuss how to reset your money mindset and achieve your financial goals with confidence. Stay tuned for tips on how to manage your money effectively and make positive decisions when it comes to your finances! Thanks for reading.

One of the first steps to resetting your money mindset is understanding your relationship with money. Take some time to reflect on your childhood and how your family approached money.

Do you remember feeling fear because bills couldn't be paid, or stress when something broke accidentally and you'd hear the words "That's going to cost a lot of money to fix!"

Or maybe you remember spending sprees with a parent or grandparent.

You can also look back on money firsts, such as: Your first paycheck, your first ticket, seeing $1000 in your bank account for the first time, etc.

Money experiences that are both positive and negative impact the money decisions you make today. You can also subconsciously have money triggers that changes the way you manage both personal and business finances.

As an entrepreneur you know that business is about 80% mindset. So is money! Yes, it's good to have a flexible budget. Yes, it's good to take some time each week to manage your money. But it doesn't have to be complicated!

With the right money mindset and money management system, you only need 15 minutes, once a week, to manage BOTH your personal and business finances. That's it.

What would you do with the extra time you'd gain from getting to confidently and effectively managing your own money?

Personally, it means more time to create impactful content for my audience and more time with my family. For clients, it often means more time for their business + self-care!

By resetting my money mindset every 1-3 months, I save myself about 15 hours a month by NOT stressing about finances.

Here's Two Quick Exercises To Reset Your Money Mindset:

1. Complete a Money Management Self-Reflection Workbook

This is a great way to be honest with yourself about current financial thoughts, feelings and habits. Once you understand what your patterns really are, you can begin to mindful make small but powerful changes.

Grab a free copy of the worksheet here!

2. Positive and Negative Money Experiences List

This one can be uncomfortable, but help to truly open your mind. First, physically write out all money experiences you can think of that are negative, since childhood.

Next, physically write out all positive experiences you can think of since childhood.

Need some guidance?

Here's a free workbook with examples.

If you really want to deep dive into your money mindset to see powerful changes in your business and life, sign up now for the 5 Days To Reset Your Money Mindset Mini Email Course. Currently available for just $36 dollars and my average client earns an additional $450 by the end of the week.

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