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Days To Reset Your Money (Mindset)

During this 7 day mini email course, you'll receive multiple money mindset exercises and quick personal finance tasks to complete. In one week, you will gain a strong foundation for resetting your money mindset and feeling confident in your money management. 

Based on Miranda's 1:1 3-month coaching program for professionals, this is perfect for professionals and entrepreneurs ready to take control and feel confident about their personal finances, seek clarity about their money management... and transform their financial futures.


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This program is perfect for you if:

  • You want to stop feeling overwhelmed with money and instead feel confident.

  • You'd like to spend time on things you enjoy, instead of stressing over bills.

  • You want money to be a tool for you to use.

  • You want to understand why you have the relationship that you do with money.

  • You want to learn how to solve current personal finance problems.

  • You are ready to spend less than 30 minutes a month on money management.

  • You are ready to accelerate your financial future!


Over 7 days, you'll receive a daily email email, short video lesson (average time is 4 minutes) and worksheet. By signing up for this mini course, you also receive the benefit of email support from Miranda for the full week. 

Each lesson includes one money mindset exercise or personal finance task for you to complete. Each video and exercise should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Reset your money, and mindset, with just 15 minutes a day for 7 days! 

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Overview & Money Mindset Check-In Video



"Ask Yourself..." Worksheet


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Exercise 1 Lesson


"Abundance" Worksheet

7 days to reset your money-10.png


Exercise 2 Lesson


"Positive & Negative" Worksheet

7 days to reset your money-12.png


Exercise 3 Lesson


"Gratitude" Worksheet

7 days to reset your money-13.png


Know Your Expenses Lesson


Budget Worksheet

7 days to reset your money-14.png


Give Your Money A Job Lesson


Savings Goals Workbook

7 days to reset your money-15.png


Your Money Mindset Game Plan Lesson



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You can get started right away! Receive the 1st lesson today and have a newfound confidence in your money management by next week.


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Roxy M.

“I was looking for a finance coach that could teach me from the ground up. It was nice to get all my questions answered and not feel judged. After Miranda‘s program, I felt more confident about my money management.

summer hall testimonial pic.PNG

Summer H.

Working with Miranda has been key to building my financial foundation. Her suggestions have helped me build my credit score, increase my savings, and increase my travel opportunities. Through Miranda's help with my finances, I discovered the FIRE community, and I am now working toward a financially independent lifestyle. Miranda's resources are always simple and clear enough to take actionable steps, and her advice is invaluable. I now direct everybody I know looking for personal finance advice to get in touch with her.

audrey  testimonial pic.png

Audrey G.

Working with Miranda saved so much time! I needed help learning how to invest for retirement. She provided me with great resources and coaching support and took the guess work out of the whole process

Are you ready to join me on a life-changing journey to claim your financial freedom?

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